SEPTEMBER 29, 2001


The Regional meeting was called to order by RE Norb Huner, at 10:38 AM at Esber’s in Canton, OH.

The following clubs and officers were represented:

Alan Moore, RCD                                                                                Aurel Ouellette, Fun Center, Gov.& RMD.

Chuck Heretta, Buckeye Corvettes, Gov.                                         Bill Miller, CWVCC, Gov.

Bob Kuty, Mahoning Valley, Gov                                                     Janice Sudia, Corvette Cleveland, Gov, prxy
Clarence Brown, Medina Corv. Gov.                                                DeVaughn Rader, Pioneer Corv. Gov.

Norb Huner, RE, CBCA, Gov.                                                            Bob Schneider, LakeShore. Gov.

Debbie Murphy, Tiretown C.C., Gov.                                               Bob Fultz, Competition C.C., Gov.

Bob Kirsch, Northeast Ohio Vette, Gov.                                          Elaine Heretta, EOCS

Mark Thurin, Corv. Canton, Gov.                                                      Bill Wood, Kanawha Valley; Gov.



Norb announced that Frank Andrews passed away on September 12, 2001.  It appeared to be heart failure.

It was also announced that Butch Perigo suffered a mild stroke.   He is not accepting phone calls presently.

Bill Miller announced that Dick Davis of Central W. Va. Corvette Club, passed away about three weeks previously.  Bill Wood said he got word that Clarksburg gave a grand showing with 15 Corvettes showing up for the funeral.  Chuck Heretta announced that Jon Baer had a heart attack and is not doing very well.  If you would like to send a card to any of the above members, please see your Governor, who has their addresses.


Bob Kuty made a motion to accept minutes as printed, seconded by Bob Kirsch, motion carried.


Treasurer’s report was read,  motion made by Clarence Brown to approve seconded by Bob Kuty. 





Aurel handed our reports for East Ohio membership, NCCC membership, and active club membership list.  Aurel also returned refund checks to some regional clubs from NCCC.


Current membership for East Ohio is 1010, places us about 44 ahead of last year.  NEOVC is the new number one club in the region with 136 members.  Chuck asked question what was the projection for membership next year.  Aurel said he is using 1050 again for next year.  The reason being it looks to be an economic down turn for next year and that usually means a decrease in membership for clubs and regions.


At NCCC meeting national membership was 16,009. 


Membership renewal packet will be mailed out to governors the second week of October.  A list of club officers is being asked for, if you have not elected next years officers at time of filling this out, put who your current officers are.  There will be two (2) club membership lists, one is for you to keep, the other is the one that gets turned back to RMD.  Any members that do not renew need to be lined out, instructions will come with membership packet, but if you have any questions please contact Aurel   aurel@richnet.net.


All membership renewals are due to Aurel by December meeting, December 1, 2001.  He must have all his information to NCCC by December 15, 2001.  Be sure and check with your members as early as possible on renewal and getting their checks in.  If they are not in to Aurel by December 1, he may not be able to get them in at the renewal rate and they probably will have to go in at the new member rate. 


Also, PLEASE, be sure to verify address and verify the dollar amount you are turning in.  The biggest problem is addition and subtraction.  NCCC has said if they do not get the proper amount they will send check back and ask for another check.  Bob Fultz asked if the 51% sheet is in EXCEL anywhere, as this would save on math errors.   Aurel will check and find out.  Norb has the 51% sheet on file but not with math calculations on it.


Also discussed at NCCC meeting was by-laws membership qualifications.  Under Article 3, sections 1, 2 and 3 it identifies qualifications and classifications.  Primary members shall furnish proof of compliance with the requirements set forth in section 1 of this article.  One of the qualifications states, members shall be limited to owners or principal operators of Chevrolet Corvettes.  Spouse members are identified as any spouse of a Primary member.  Basically a spouse has been identified as a husband or wife.  Dictionary specifies spouse as a married person.  But what NCCC has been allowing significant others or anyone with same address to become a spouse member.  In the 1980’s there were votes to allow significant others but the by-laws were never revised.  A dependent member can only stay a dependent member until are 21.  They cannot become a primary member unless own a Corvette. 


The membership committee is looking at submitting a proposal for the regional executives review, changing the wording under primary member.  The primary would be identified as a Corvette Enthusiast.  This would basically say if you want to be a member you do not need to own a Corvette.  A person living in the same household would be a non-primary member or “other”. (for lack of a better word).  The description “other” received much negative response and all agreed this word should not be used.  The region pretty much agreed we need to change the wording in the by-laws.  It was felt that if we do not change by-laws we would lose membership.  There was much discussion about changing words, changing descriptions and what should be used.  What is a principal driver, what to do with second generation in same house hold, etc.  Aurel stated he did not think this would  change for at least a year.  This is because first it has to be written up, then presented to the regional executives for review and consideration, then it has to go before the board of governors for review and consideration.  


Future Corvette Owners membership is at 1412.


NCCC officer nominations for this year are:                    VP Competition                    Pete Dawley

                                                                                                                                                Jim Adrian


                                                                                                Business Manager               Dan Skinner


                                                                                                Sgt-of-Arms                          Mary Bellamy


                                                                                                Secretary                               Kathie Kochanowsky


Ballots will be mailed out by Tuesday Oct. 16, ballots are mail in only, and are due back to the NCCC secretary postmarked by October 31, 2001.


National meeting dates for next year are:                         February 22 & 23, 2002                        St. Louis/Plaza Tower

                                                                                                May 3 and 4, 2002                                St. Louis/Lakeside Chalet

                                                                                                July 7, 2002                                            Indianapolis, IND

                                                                                                September 13 & 14                               St. Louis/Lakeside Chalet

                                                                                                November 8 and 9, 2002                      St. Louis/Lakeside Chalet



REGIONAL COMPETITON DIRECTOR: Alan Moore                 


Eight (8) new drag records set, contact Alan if would like to know what they are. 


First place club in nation is Corvette Club of Michigan, second place is Tiretown. 


Individual asked for a clarification of what class they belonged in, they have a “68” Corvette with a “79” L48 motor in it.  RCD’s said they belonged in Group IID.


Clarification on “86” through present cars, does the hard top on a convertible suffice in lieu of a roll bar?  Their reason was the hardtops on a new convertible is suppose to be much stronger and has gone through some government roll over test.  The RCDs said still require a roll bar, because is a convertible.


The Z06 was discussed again, whether to take out of H class, 6 voted to keep it in, 4 voted to take it out and 3 abstentions.    Dave Pierce got up at Saturday’s governors meeting and asked that it be revisited at November governors meeting.  Vote of governors was NO, leave the way it is for now.


The BFG tire program is not being listed on results, the entrants are not letting the chair people know.  Question was asked can you go back and do this, Alan said, if person wants to go back and get hold of all the chair people and get them to report it.  Yes, it can still be done.


The RCDs are starting to look at items for next rulebook, if you have anything you would like considered let Alan know.  Some things RCD’s mentioned are:                Possibility of allowing passengers in cars at low speed for training purposes.  Looking at FTD points, extra points as there has been numerous complaints.  They are also looking at teardown issue for drags, many people won’t establish a record because they do not want a new car torn down, this would cancel out their warranty.  There are looking at the issue of scatter shields and/or blankets for C5.  They will look at the hardtop issue for rollbars. 


From now on you must state what date the events are on.  If you do a multiple event weekend, must state which events are on which day.  Exception would be if start an event on Saturday and didn’t get completed, you can carry over to Sunday.


Someone had asked about tech and their responsibility, specifically loose lug nuts.  RCD’s said lug nuts are responsibility of driver not tech, too many times tires are changed during events.


Report all incidents at any events to business manager, even if no damage is done.  The business manager wants to keep a log, it will not go to K&K.


Results are “atrocious”.  All governors received a set of marked up results.  Fill out entire title block on all sheets.  Be sure to put entire NCCC number on results.  Ladies must have “L” after number but dependents do not need “D”.  It was suggested that we go by rulebook where it says entrants must show valid drives license and NCCC card.  Comment was made people forget and lose their cards.  It was suggested you can put on flyer need to bring NCCC card and valid driver’s license to registration.    Results must be to Alan within 15 days after event.  Also on your flyers be sure to show major highways to get to event site.    It would be nice if clubs could set up a separate line for  people who fill out the form prior to coming to event.  The pre-registration form is on the website www.eornccc.org.


Alan noted that entrants go to events to have fun, he asked that some clubs please reconsider when they close registration to people.  He is not asking if it is an hour or so later, but if entrant forgot to fill in name as second person, consider letting them.  Or if they are maybe tied up in traffic and arrive little late.


MVP award, need to make a final decision.  It was thought the charts in rulebook covered it,,  Several people said those charts and the continuation of the charts provide for bonus points.  It was decided we needed to add the sentences below the charts.  Elaine was asked how she did EOCS – her answer was “wherever she sees 10 or 11 points, she changes it to a 9”.  Bob Fultz said we need to add a clarification by adding the sentences below the charts, Chuck agreed to the clarification change or previous motion noting that maximum of 9 points is all to be awarded.  This would make one set of rules between EOCS and MVP.  Norb asked that we now vote for MVP criteria as motion and tabled at last meeting, motion passed.  This will be totally spelled out in the Standard Operating Procedures.  Alan said he would supply a chart to help new members to figure out. 

Norb announced here that, their clubs events coming up in three weeks will be one dollar ($1.00) per event.





The results were totally up to date, the speed and concours events are completed. 


There were no proposed rules changes for this year.


Any flyers and/or results that are late, will incur a $5.00 late fee.





Deb Lindsey said the Eagle 1 Golden Rule award information would be going out.  There is a $1000.00 cash award to club being added.  This information will be going out with renewal packet.  Sponsorship packets are being sent out, if you know of any potential sponsors please let Deb Lindsey know.


Deadline for Blue Bars is December 1, 2001.  If you have any information for Blue Bars let Norb know before December.  He will get the information to Doug Hansen.


Question was raised do we want to consider more advertising in Blue Bars, take back to your clubs and discuss. It cost about $85,000 a year to print Blue Bars. 


K&K was unable to attend this meeting.  They will try to make the November meeting.  K&K was bought out by A&N Corp. and their headquarters was in World Trade Center #1.


The NCCC credit card through Bank One, program will be expiring on December 31, 2001.  You can continue to use the card but NCCC will no longer receive royalties from charges.    Jay Hommer, NCCC Treasurer, is pursuing a new credit card through MBNA since it has a better interest rate.  Motion was made and passed to let Jay continue to search this.  NCCC will get $30.00 if a member signs up, and $5.00 for every account that is rolled over to the new card. 


If you would like to place an advertisement in the booklet for next year’s convention contact Jim Krebs.


Due to the low turnout at NCCC meeting in St. Louis, the vote for NCCC joining the Corvette Museum as a business member was placed on hold.  Question was asked what do we get, those with computers can check the museum website and it list each category of sponsorship and the benefits.  Some are notifications of special VIP events, identified on a plaque on the wall and various other “stuff”.  This is a one-time fee of $2500.00.


Convention warm up will be at Grissom Air Base, October 27 & 28, 2001.


The 2003 convention will be in the East Region.




Hall of Fame – Bob Kuty the committee is still accepting applications.  All must be in by December 1, 2001 meeting.


Charity/Grants – Mickey reported that the NCCC charity committee is looking to buy the 2002 in the neon blue.  2002 is a games year so sales should increase.  The car was won by someone who purchased a ticket in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  This is the third time in 5 years a car was won in Cedar Rapids.


Mickey reported on question she was asked to bring up, from last meeting, about lowering the grade point average, this has been turned over to scholarship committee for their further investigation and consideration.

Aurel mentioned that Patrick Dolan had asked for a donation, $1000.00, to be given to the New York City Policeman’s fund this was approved.  Also Alan Moore won the 50/50 and donated it to the fund also.


Aurel announced that Mickey Ouellette had been presented with the NCCC, Roger Clancy award, National Kidney Foundation, for her work on and contribution on the charity committee.


The grants program sent $250.00 to John Wyatt family for hardship case.


Regional Banquet:               The banquet dates are March 8, 9, 10, 2002,  at Holiday Inn, Elyria.  Pamphlet enclosed with directions.   It will be a sit down meal.  Choices of Chicken Hawaiian, New England Scrod, and Prime Rib. 


Slate of officers discussed for NCCC and Aurel read the Bios. of those running.




Bob Fultz brought up that Pat Lally will put $1000.00 towards a program, that at the end of an event, will  print a useable result sheet.  Chuck will get with Pat Lally and let him know what we have come up with from Dale Samuelson.  Chuck will check with Dale Samuelson on a good date. 


Aurel brought up that the system Dale Samuelson has is Access based so you cannot send to just anyone.  Per Bob Kirsch he thinks it can be converted to Word Xcel document and then used.


The regional officers for next year are:             Regional Executive                                              Chuck Heretta

                                                                Regional Competition Director                          Alan Moore

                                                                Regional Membership Director                          Aurel Ouellette

                                                                E.O. Championship Series Director                   Bob Kirsch




The region is considering doing some type of memorial for Frank Andrews, please discuss with your clubs and bring comments and ideas to December meeting.  Some ideas suggested at the meeting were:    Make a donation to the NCCC scholarship fund in Frank’s memory.  Keep it in the region and donate to a vocational school scholarship.  Donation to FCOA since his daughter was a member.  Some type of donation or trust for Lindsey.  An amount also needs to be decided on.  This would be a one-time donation not a continuous thing.  Education funds (credits) can also be purchased in various states. 


Deb Murphy brought the ten year member certificate from the National Corvette Museum, and two ten year pins.  She brought up that in June there will be a caravan of Corvettes, one from each year Corvette made, the caravan will begin in Flint, Michigan, to St. Louis, and then to Bowling Green.  Members in the caravan from the East Ohio region are the Wendorf’s and Jim Smith.


There is also a caravan set for 2003 for the 50th year of the Corvette.  Maybe the region could consider some sort of celebration for the caravans as they pass through.


Deb Murphy made a motion that the members driving in the 2002 caravan, be given the 10 year pins to wear.  Bob Kuty seconded, motion carried.


Chuck Heretta brought up that the regional banquet Corvette Cleveland is hosting, does not have any funding from the region.  They have kept the prices down and laid out everything very well.  Their target price per person will be presented at the December meeting.  Instead of a flat amount he is suggesting an amount per person that attends. Deb Murphy made a motion of $5.00 per person attending the banquet, Chuck seconded, motion carried.  Whatever the final cost is this amount per person, $5.00  can be taken from that cost.  The room rate is $62.00 night. 



Next year’s regional meeting dates will be:      March 9,  2001      Elyria                      10AM

                                                                                May   11, 2001       Esbers                    10AM

                                                                                July    27, 2001       Esbers                    10AM

                                                                                Sept.   28, 2001      Esbers                    10AM

                                                                                Dec.      7, 2001      Esbers                    9:30AM


It was asked that Mickey make a list of what clubs need to remember to bring to the December meeting.  See cover sheet. 


Deb Murphy made a motion to adjourn, Bob Kuty seconded, motion carried.





                                                                                                                                Respectively submitted




                                                                                                                                Mickey Ouellette




Next meeting at Esber's in Canton, December 1, 2001 at 9:30 AM

Please bring the following:
1. $2.00 per NCCC club member as of December 1, 2001, this is how the East Ohio dues are being done this year
2. $20.00 per sanction fee you plan to bid for 2002,
3. Your membership renewals if you have not already turned them in to RMD.
4. General idea of dates you would like to bid.
5. Must be a club in good standing to bid events.