May 10, 2003



The Regional meeting was called to order by RE Chuck Heretta, at 10:10 AM at Esber’s in Canton, Ohio.
The following clubs and officers were represented:

Aurel Ouellette, Fun Center, RMD, Gov.                                         William Wood, Kanawha Valley, Gov

Alan Moore,  RCD.                                                                              Emerson Royer, Canton Corv., Prxy Gov.

Bob Kirsch, NEOVC, EOCS, Gov.                                                      Dick Downs, Competition Corv, Gov

Chuck Heretta,  Buckeye Corvette, RE, Gov.                                   Bob Kuty, Mahoning Valley, Gov.

Bob Thomsen, Corvette Cleve, Gov,                                                Paul Webb, Blennerhasset, Gov.      

Bill Quine, Tiretown, prxy, Gov.                                                        


Motion was made by Dick Downs to accept minutes as printed, seconded by Bob Kuty, motion was carried.


The treasurer’s report was read and accepted. Motion to accept by Bob Kuty, seconded by Paul Webb.




Handed out results to date.


Remember to put color, year, license plate number (if applicable) on your results for East Ohio Championship Series.


Be sure to place in a prominent location on your flyers, notification of what event is champ series.  Bob will be sending out packets of information to chairpersons of champ series event about a week before the event.  This will give the chairperson information of what is needed on results. 


Website:                                All event flyers that he had as of meeting are posted.


As soon as RCD provides a electronic copy of results Bob will place on website.  He will also place championship series results on website in next week or so.


He did place a link on the site for Corvette Cleveland on the website.  This was for their request of pictures for Nelson Ledges and the anniversary celebration.


If you notice that links are not responding or you are having a problem send an email to Bob Kirsch so he can look at it and check it out.






Handed out reports for East Ohio region, NCCC and FCOA membership.


Aurel asked the governors what they felt about him giving out the entire East Ohio membership list to individuals of various East Ohio clubs.  He has had a couple of these requests.  The governors discussed this and asked if there were any NCCC guidelines.  Presently the only ones who get this list are the RE, RCD and RMD.  Question was asked was this for a mailing list.  There were various reasons from various individuals.  After some discussion the governors decided these individuals should contact the governor of each club and see if the governor is willing to release the membership list for their club.  This would leave the decision up to the governor for each  reason or individual.  Paul Webb made a motion that each club governor be contacted for their membership list, seconded by Bill Wood, motion carried unanimous.  


Dick Downs asked if it was possible to get a complete list of CCA members for day one, Aurel said he could provide this.


East Ohio has 856 members, this is 94 short of 2003 goal.  NEOVC has 114 members and TTCC has 113 members.


National Council membership is 16,270 and 282 clubs.  Two new clubs were announced.


Westchester Corvette Club was the winner of the 1st NCCI award. 


There were no Duntov award applications submitted.


Membership status change; if you are changing from spouse or dependent to a primary member it must be indicated on the membership form and be accompanied by an additional $10.00.


Dependent member applications must show date of birth.


NCCC is looking at increasing the age for dependent members; original suggestion was to raise the age limit to 25 if still a full time student.  There was much discussion of how could this be controlled and could they put an age on it, and what to do with handi-capped dependent members.  A proposal was submitted to the VP of membership that read: “The child of any primary or spouse member who is at least 16 years of age shall become a dependent member upon payment of dues equal to those of a spouse membership, and will not be able to hold a national or regional office.”    This will be submitted to RE’s for review.  Chuck made the comment that the membership committee is worried about dollars and yet just cut themselves out of $10.00 per each person because a person can become a dependent member for life.  Dick Downs made the comment that potentially the dependent member could just go away and this at least gets us $10.00 and keeps the attached.  Maybe someday they will buy a Corvette and join.  Chuck reminded everyone of the by-law passed last fall that allows people without a Corvette to become a member.  The region did not agree with this because you are losing the whole idea of belonging to the Corvette organization.  You need some criteria and the object of what the organization is about to belong.  


Bob Kuty asked if the video was ready yet, no it is not available yet.  He attends the Quaker State and Lube car show in Sharon, Pa. every year and he thinks we need a region flyer to pass out at these events not just national.  Bill Quine asked if Aurel could attend a show like this, Aurel said he would be attending the Roscoe Village car show in Coshocton, Oh, there will be about 300 Corvettes there.  They Sharon, Pa. event is usually the last Sunday in April, maybe East Ohio membership director could attend next year.  Most of the clubs that Aurel has encountered are not interested in following NCCC rules and guidelines.  They mostly want to do car shows and cruises and they think National Council is mostly competition.


There was discussion on MBNA quarterly rebate, and one of the recommendations that came out of membership was a 60%/40% rebate to the regions.  This would be rather than national getting it all, it was felt this may increase applications.  The distribution would be based on regional membership, i.e. if East Ohio had 10% of national membership they would get 10% of the rebate, that is 10 percent of the 60 percent.  This is just in the proposed state right now.  It was felt several members were lost because the card does not have a Corvette on it, it takes a license to do this and the credit card company does not have permission.


As for the promotional video it will probably be close to the end of the year before we see it.  They are still looking for current photos and video pieces.


Membership is discussing moving renewal due date from December 15 to November 15 in 2004.  This would require some local clubs to change their by-laws.  The region did not seem to have a problem with this happening.  It was felt it would help get renewals in before the Christmas Holidays.  This would require a change to the national bylaws; it will be read at the August meeting, then again at the September meeting.  The club governors would vote on it via mail before the November meeting.  It will not take effect, if it passes, until November 2004, so you should have a year to let your club members know and to change club by-laws if necessary.  If this by-law passes it will help the distribution center also they will not have to work through all the Christmas holidays. Your membership will still be in effect January to December, that will not change.


Bill Wood asked if there had been any consideration of changing to fiscal year and renewing in June.  No one had brought this up, but this would be in the middle of competition season.  Bill commented you lose members at the end of the year, but if you renewed in the middle of the year they would rejoin because they were competing.


Sylvia Hoaldridge is still checking to see if can get more convention Blue Bars printed.  She will get back with Aurel.  They will not put in a clear packet because of cost.  Bob Kuty asked what about stapling them shut or small sticky tab to keep them closed.  Chuck will send an email to Sylvia and check on what can be done.


Officer positions coming up for election in NCCC are: V.P. Competition, Business Manager, Sergeant of Arms, and Secretary.  The nominating committee is Patsy Shearer, Florida region, Amy Robison, Carolina region.  If you want job descriptions or nominating forms contact Aurel and he will see that you receive them.


FCOA has 1686 members at national level, East Ohio has 121 members.  Corvette Cleveland has 33 members.  If you have any FCOA members with address changes you need to contact Pat Kelly at FCOAKIDS@aol.com.


Elaine Heretta asked about FCOA because it has been a long time since Greg had received anything, others agreed their FCOA members had not received anything for several months.  The last anyone heard was promotion for the contest.  Aurel will ask Pat Kelly about this.


Aurel presented a plaque to Kanawha Valley Corvette club for outstanding growth in membership in year 2002.  Paul Webb took pictures and will send to Bob Kirsch so they can be placed on the website.




Alan stated that someone is submitting a by-laws proposal to do away with NCCC competition committee and do all the decision making at NCCC governors meetings. 


National drag records were available, no longer an “H” record is now a “J” record.  Field is open for someone to set an “H” record.


Packets handed out and they had all flyers available as of meeting date.  Flyers are up through mid July.


Also in packet was a copy of a letter from Gary Kelly sent to the RCD’s.  The letter concerned control arm bushing and the decision made at the February national governors meeting.  The only way to get a bushing is to buy the entire control arm, at about $2500.00 for four (4) control arms.  Original decision was to allow urethane bushings, Gary pointed out the RCD's’did not have the right to make the change according to the rulebook.  RCD’s agreed he was correct and rescinded the original ruling.


A letter has also been received from an RCD to eliminate one of the Group I’s, either Group I or Group IS.  They felt there was very little difference in the two groups.  About the only difference noted by them was tires, one group runs street tires and the other group could run auto-cross tires.  There have been numerous emails flying around for the RCD’s both pro and con, no decision yet for new rulebook. 


For the next rulebook DOT helmets have been eliminated, must be a Snell helmet.  The reason being DOT helmets can be purchased very cheaply and are not safe.  DOT rules are such you voluntarily can say you meet requirements, Snell helmets must meet requirements and be submitted for test.


There is a new teardown procedure for Drags, about $7000.00 is being spent for equipment to check a drag car for legality without tearing it down.  If you want your car torn down you can still elect this.


Additional rulebook proposals handed out, please read and if have questions or comments get with Alan.  Also it is not too late to submit a proposal.


Bob Thomsen asked about a new judging sheet for RP, Chuck and Alan created and presented one to committee.  It has almost passed, it needs some cleanup and will probably pass.


Bob Thomsen also asked about Street/Show because they are judged like concours, there is no change at this time but agreed it needed addressed.


Clarification           -               Question was asked in what circumstances may a judge’s hands and knees touch the ground.  (Seems a judge squatted to judge and fell over and touched the ground, a protest was filed).  RCD’s decided even though rulebook says hands and knees shouldn’t be touching ground it was OK to recover balance and get back up.


Previously had a clarification in Group II asking about rearend ratios and if other than what Chevrolet offered were allowed to be run in a stock housing.  Answer was Yes.  This time question was does that mean a dana 44 rearend could be put into an automatic car.  Answer was yes.  Automatics come with a dana 36 rearend this is a smaller ring and gear and smaller housing.  Actual question was can you change from an automatic rearend to a six speed rearend in an automatic car answer was yes you can.  In group II you can run any ratio that will fit in a stock housing.


There was much discussion on allowing body modifications in Group I, there have been no final decision made yet.


Things to be discussed in future meetings, in speed events a suggestion was made, the distance between cones need to be a distance of fifteen (15) feet wide.  This is with the exception of Funkhana, their reason they have been to events where cones were only 7 feet 8 inches.  Region thought this was too wide, twelve feet is good standard.


Charities and Grants:           Mickey Ouellette                  No report but Mickey has raffle tickets if anyone needs any.


Hall Of Fame:        We have the Hall of fame album and it can now be updated.  Mickey has it now and will update with her information.  The committee will be getting together to write down revision to rules.  The biggest change is they will carry over the nominations of those from this year not inducted into Hall of Fame.  If not elected or nominated the second year their name will then have to be resubmitted.


Aurel gave the NCCC membership committee a copy of the East Ohio Hall of Fame guidelines; they are considering a Hall of Fame for national council. 


Bill Wood asked is it correct all results must be typed, answer yes, per the V.P of Competition.


If anyone wants additional regional patch other then one given to them the cost is $3.00, contact Aurel Ouellette.




There were two by-laws proposals from membership one needs reworded concerning dependent memberships and the other concerns the membership renewal date.  There was also a very broad proposal about the competition committee.  Basically what it was that the by-laws would be voted on as an item by item.  Roger Thomas is going to meet with the person and see if person can reword and come to a compromise.  Chuck will try and get final forms of by-laws proposals from parliamentarian and send to Mickey to place with these minutes.


The By-law committee is trying to get the information into the governor’s hands before the September meeting.  This will give time for discussion and questions.


Postage is down for mailing NCCC minutes due to so many receiving minutes via email.  You can still get a hard copy if you would like.  The NCCC treasurer is down to a two (2) page report, on the profit and loss statement he wanted the RE’s to be aware of some things.  One of them was convention income as of report was $88,032.00 about $20,000 down from last year at same time.  Insurance is up $12,000  from last year.   Postage and delivery costs are going up. Promotions and incentives are also increasing, a $25,000 increase, part of these incentives are because of the Nashville car show, and Carlisle.  Total assets for 2003 is $471,260.32 and for 2002 it was $522,286.00 about $51,000.00 less.


At the NCCC meeting there was no representation for the 2004 convention, for the Road Runner Region.  This was the second meeting in a row.  There was concern expressed about this.  Although the Road Runner region did ask for $11,500.00 for track rental, this was passed by finance committee.


Dick Yanko is proposing that a past president award, to be given at awards banquet.  This would be presented for “notable achievement that went un-noticed”.  The past presidents would sit on this board.


The newsletter contest for this year has eleven entries.


The next publication deadline for Blue Bars is June 1, 2003.


The charity committee is looking for a CPA to audit their books, because it coincides with changing of a treasurer.  Books are to be audited every two years.


Jim Harris had no representative for 2004 convention, 2005 will be in St. Cloud, Minn. (July 23 – 30, 2005).   They are looking for convention treasurer for 2004, they have two applicants, Peg Quine and Deb Murphy.  They are looking at 2006 bids, the tentative bid needs to be in by February 2004.  The word is Florida will bid.


Elaine covered the steering committee at NCCC and gave additional information.  Some hotel confirmations have gone out.  They are not sure yet if pass to Carlisle can be purchased at convention, right now can purchase it with your convention package.  Day pass information will be in next Blue Bars.  On Wednesday of convention will have a live internet feed, www.warx.com.  George made comment if convention numbers do not get better in next 30 days he will open to non-NCCC members. Hotels will not send confirmations until  90 days before schedule date. The bus tours are not full yet.  There will be shuttle buses between satellite hotels and host convention hotel. 


The committee had several questions for the 2004 committee representatives, but they had no representation to answer them yet.  The wording of some contracts needs to be changed.  The committee did contact the Las Vegas representatives on Saturday and were assured everything was OK and ready to go.


There is concern that there are no children’s programs for convention 2003 or 2004.


Selling convention numbers was discussed and decided it would not be feasible to do this.


The comment was made for 2003 convention if you did not get your convention application in within the first 2 days you probably are not at host hotel.


If you are on a committee for NCCC meetings be sure to pay attention to 2003 convention schedule, as they are not scheduled as past convention committee meetings.


There was a question about computerized points and why we can’t have a better update on the national website. Dale Samuelson is responsible for entering all national  points but it is not his responsibility to post the results.  Jim Adrien is to contact the webmaster and get this done.





The timers and all necessary components have been purchased.  It has been used and tested at Firestone.  It had a few problems but mostly repetition of use and training problems.  Bob Thomsen reported that most of the drivers liked being able to see their times.  There were some communication problems, such as relaying numbers.  Also found out timers will not accept “00” as a number.  Ron Young volunteered to make a box for the timers, he did this “gratis”.  It is an extremely nice box and very well done. Bob Thomsen will do another non-sanctioned event on June 8, 2003.  This will be at Euclid Square Mall on the north side.


The timers store information so it can be downloaded to a computer.  The program for loading results into the computer requires permanently assigned numbers for everyone in the region.  This is being looked into.


Bob Thomsen priced communicators, it would require about $400.00 to get ten communicators.   Cap’n Jack is willing to work with the program that comes with the timer and see what it will take to download to computer and get the information we need.


Aurel made a motion to spend $500.00 for communicators, Dick Downs seconded.  After some discussion it was decided a computer was probably needed before we buy communicators, Aurel withdrew the motion, Dick withdrew his second.


They did not get all the cars they wanted for the Nashville car show but the show is still on.


The regional banquet held in 2003, for 2002 competition year is completely closed out now.




The Hall of Fame guidelines are being worked on.


Alan is composing a language statement to be read at drivers meeting.


Regional Calendar                -               Rick Brooks is no longer governor of Medina Corvette Club.  Several governors had polled their respective clubs and consensus was members wouldn’t buy this type of calendar for $5.00 to $10.00 cost discussed.  (Five dollars would be black and white calendar and $10.00 would be color.)  Calendar idea is dropped for the time being.


Our current RCD is thinking of running for national VP of competition, the region needs to start looking for someone to run for RCD.  In doing this we may also want to consider having a points tracker for the regional RCD.  Have your clubs discuss this.  Gail Moore has a points tracking system and can pass this on.   


The regional banquet for 2004, (2003 season) will be March 5, 6, and 7, 2004.  It will be at the Holiday Inn, New Philadelphia.  The room rate if you book for Friday and Saturday nights the cost will be $59.00 per night plus tax.  This includes a continental breakfast.  There will be a pool party Friday, a meeting and banquet on Saturday.  If you book Saturday night only the cost will be $64.00 per night plus tax, also includes a continental breakfast.  The meals will be a sit down dinner and you will have your choice of a red meat (Sirloin steak), fish (Herb white fish), Chicken cordon bleu.  The preliminary cost is under $30.00 per person, the cost of meals will be tiered based on what you order.  The hotel is a two stories and second floor is smoking.  The food is prepared by Texas Roadhouse and is very good.  Bill Quine asked that an additional line be placed on the flyer that for special meal request to contact and give a name and number.  Food and beverage will be allowed in pool area.  Easy access off I77, take 81 mile marker exit.



Regional Round Table:       Reminder of Blennerhasset car show, Sunday after this meeting.  They will be going with plaques instead of trophies.


The following weekend, May 18, there are 3 car shows and concours at Buckeye Corvettes.


The following weekend is Kanawha Valley economy run.  Question was asked if you do the economy run without a navigator what happens?  If you do not have a navigator you can run but will receive no points.


Bill Wood noted that the local community paper did a write up on the 50th Anniversary Corvette and interviewed Bill and members of his club.  This generated numerous calls about the club and membership, he commented that maybe other clubs in the region could look into having something like this done.


Nominations will be conducted at the next regional meeting, August 23, 2003.


Reminder:              There is a fund to offset governor’s expense to St. Louis if needed.  You will be reimbursed after travelling and staying at hotel, then presenting bills to treasurer.


You can still get cheap flights to St. Louis via Southwest Airlines but the return flight times are not very acceptable.


Get your flyers and results to Alan on time.


Get your results to Bob Kirsch on time for Championship Series along with $1.50 per person, NCCC or not.


Dick Downs made a motion to adjourn, Bob Kuty seconded, meeting adjourned at 2:08pm.



                                                                                                                                Respectively submitted





                                                                                                                                Mickey Ouellette