DECEMBER, 7, 2013


Regional Executive         Chuck Heretta                   e-mail   cheatn1@att.net

Regional Competition   Chuck Stephens               e-mail   stephecr2@windstream.net

Regional Membership  Peggy Stephens                               e-mail   stephecr2@windstream.net

Regional Secretary

Regional Treasurer         Ken Rutherford                                e-mail   nccc013@yahoo.com






Chuck Heretta – Regional Executive – Tiretown Corvette Club

Chuck Stephens – Regional Competition – Kanawha Valley

Peggy Stephens – Regional Membership – Kanawha Valley


Warren Obert – proxy Governor – EO-005 – Corvette Cleveland

Terry Sells – Governor – EO-010 - Buckeye

Terry Muich – Governor – EO-013 – Mid-Ohio

Dan Lyden – Governor – EO-052 – Mahoning Valley

Rich Brooks – Governor – EO-116 – Medina Corvette Club

Sharon Burk – Governor – EO-257 – Competition Corvette Assn

Robert Ferrell – Governor – EO- 147 - Central West Virginia Corvette Club


Guests:  Dan Tuck, Eric Flanhofer, Don Burk, Doug Lawrentz, Roger Flading, Ana Phillips,  Steven Hamilton, Regina Muich, Bruce Warnick, Tom Geul, Jeep Austin










The meeting was called to order by RE, Chuck Heretta at 10 AM.  It was established that a quorum was present.  Governors and guests introduced themselves. Chuck Heretta asked for acceptance of the October Regional Meeting minutes.  Peggy Stephens listed many spelling and information corrections throughout the minutes.   It was determined that she did not receive the corrected set of minutes.  Chuck Heretta corrected the status of Bob Kuty to say that he is a former member of the Hall of Fame Committee.  NCCC Newsletter Contest – RE’s have decided to accept electronic copies of newsletters.  Should be 2015 Convention that Peggy spoke about.  NCCC By-Law changes are voted on electronically, not at the meetings.  The Regional Reimbursement Fund can be used if you qualify – meaning if you have not used it in this “round.”  It was the 2015 Regional Banquet that was discussed – not the 2014 Banquet.  The minutes were then accepted as corrected with a motion by Terry Muich, seconded by Ron Summers.  Passed – corrections will be sent to Tim Obert to be posted on the website.

Treasurer, Ken Rutherford, received a phone call on the way over, and had to return home.  Chuck Heretta reviewed the Treasurers report.  There were no questions.   A motion was made by Rich Brooks, seconded by Mark Thurin to accept the Treasurers report.  Passed.

At this time, the bidding for the 2014 Competition Season commenced in the order of finish for the 2013 Competition Season, with Chuck Stephens, RCD, leading.  Sanction event fees need to be paid by January 15.  Lakeland Community College has requested that only one check be sent per month.  If more than one Club is holding events there during a month, please send a check for the rental amount to Chuck Stephens, made out to the East Ohio Region and a check will be sent to Lakeland for the days the parking lots have been used.  If your Club has paid for its events and finds that they are unable to use the sanctions, please notify Chuck Stephens ASAP so that he can see if another Club would like to put those events on.  Your sanction fees will be refunded if another Club picks up those events. 

Chuck Stephens continued with his report.  He stated that the November RCD meeting in St. Louis was the shortest RCD meeting that he has ever attended.  Vice President of Competition, Paul Haack, did not send out the proposed Rulebook changes, therefore, they were not reviewed by the Governors and their Clubs and could not be voted on.  The RCD’s discussion focused on problems within the Competition Database.  Walt Jenkins will fix those problems.   NCCC owns the database.  Walt Jenkins set the database up – the RCD’s voted to pay him the $2500 that he asked to set it up.  Chuck Heretta asked if the mileage calculations would be addressed.  Chuck S stated that would be addressed.  Chuck S said that the problem that he and Peggy encountered was being locked out and not being able to go back to the results until 24 hours had elapsed.  Walt said that is not something he can fix – that it is a Google problem.  Chuck S reminded that if your Club puts on another Clubs sanctions, someone MUST be there to represent the original Club – either himself, his proxy, or someone from the original Club.  Chuck S read the top 10 finishers in each category for the 2013 Competition Season – also where they stand Nationally.  Chuck S reminded the Governors that their event dates are flexible up until 45 days before the event – unless there is a disaster.  The question was asked how many NCCC Clubs are there?  There are 273 clubs.  Tim Obert stated his displeasure with the fact that Paul Haack did not get the Rulebook changes out.  He feels that there are a number of people that could have assisted with this task and now that we have to wait another year for these changes to be adopted and take effect is uncalled for, especially for an organization of our size and caliber.  Chuck S asked Chuck H to discuss what he had heard in regard to Paul Haack and his uncommunicativeness.  Chuck H relayed the supposed reasons for this and stated that there really is no excuse for what has happened, especially with all of the people in place around him that could help him out.  Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do.  The incoming VP of Competition, Dale Samuelson, will not let this happen again – nor, he’s sure, will the RCD’s.  Chuck S also stated that there were several people that could have taken up the slack.  Walt Jenkins didn’t know until the day of the last meeting that he would be in charge that evening.  Mr. Haack’s lack of communication got progressively worse during his two year term.  He wasn’t answering e-mails, even from the RCD’s.  Correction of the problem and how to handle this should be handled within the RCD committee.  Chuck H stated that in his 44 years in NCCC he has never seen anything like this happen.  Walt Jenkins said at the November meeting that is was not fair to the organization that a vote take place that day since no one had received the information that was to be voted on.  Terry Muich wanted to know if the changes could be put out now and voted on at the next meeting.  Chuck S said that can’t be done because some Regions start their Competition Season in January, and the procedure is that it comes to the RCD’s, then the Governors, back to the RCD’s and then can be voted on at the end of the year.  The RCD’s have the power to make class and safety changes at any time during the year.  They are not allowed to make carte blanche changes – it only causes mass confusion.  Terry M questioned the 2014 Car and where it will go.  Chuck H said that he has seen one run an autocross and that it will take some time to determine where exactly to put it. It is not what we are accustomed to seeing.   Dale Samuelson knows the problems that he has been saddled with and is a good person to handle what is going on. 

Peggy Stephens – Regional Membership Director – Raymond Thompson of Lake Shore has passed away. 981 members in the East Ohio Region as of today.  1062 members in October.  We have lost 81 members during this renewal.  Last year we lost 134.  We lost Blennerhassett Corvette Club.  They will only be a Social club.  They have joined the Corvette Alliance out of Columbus.  She sent each Club member a letter encouraging them to join another Club, but has not received any responses.  She has upped her 2014 Membership projection by 15%.  We were 12 over her projection for last year.  Governors were to refer to the graphs that were emailed to them.  NCCC had an increase of 590 since last November.  There are 271 Clubs in NCCC – there were 273 in 2012.  310 Lifetime Members and 8 Honorary Members.  356 MAL’s.  Buckeye Corvettes had 211 members – renewed 196.  2801 FCOA Members – 175 in the EOR – 39 with Corvette Cleveland.  There was discussion in regard to the FCOA position at the National meeting and combining it with Membership.  The RMD’s are against this since they would be saddled with having to find items for packets, etc.  There seemed to be some problems and confusion with the renewals this year.  Peggy stated that she thought the VP of Membership has learned a lot.  The Database will be going down for Governors today – nothing else can be entered into the system.  She is not sure how long it will be down and will notify the Governors when it is back up.  At that time all Primary renewals will be assessed a $10 late fee and all should be entered as such.  There has been discussion about the 2015 Membership Card and GM not allowing any use of images of the new car.  They are discussing having Clubs send in ONE photo of a car from their Club. This would go to the Region to decide on one car and that would be sent on to National.  The license plate would be

blocked out.  If you have any ideas for the 2015 Membership Card please let her know.  The By-Law in regard to the “Enthusiast Member” did pass, therefore a new form will have to be generated.  This means that anyone “excited” about NCCC may join as an “enthusiast.”  The By-Law in regard to the  Membership Database assigning and maintaining the numbers – passed.  The By-Law in regard to when a Member becomes a Member – when the Governor has entered said person into the Database – passed.  The problem that the RMD’s had with this was how long it may take to get the Membership money.  The By-Law states that the Governor has 30 days to get the money in – if not, the RMD may pull back the Membership.  The RMD’s are looking for NCCC meeting locations for 2016-18.  The proposals must be submitted by the February 2014 meeting and will be voted on at the May 2014 meeting.  The proposal form should be on the website.  Please turn in your Club Information Sheet as soon as possible. 

Webmaster, Tim Obert had nothing to report. 

Hall of Fame Committee – Mark Thurin had nothing to report. 

RE – Chuck Heretta stated that the Business Manager, Jack Wilson, is looking for bids for our insurance.  We went away from K & K about four years ago and went with Legacy.  We are now encountering problems.  We have found out that we may not have the “entire” amount throughout the year – ONLY if we have had NO claims.  Any claims that are made take away from the amount of insurance that is left during said year.  No one is sure how long this has been going on – meaning it may have happened with K & K.  Part of the negotiation with a new company will be this point – that we have 5 million dollars in coverage no matter what.  Past practice has been that the insurance package was voted on at the November meeting – this DID NOT happen.  We know that our insurance costs will go up.  There is a $15,000 increase in the budget.  Philadelphia (our present underwriter) is not primarily a motorsports insurer, whereas K & K is.  We are covered as of now.  Our policy runs 1/1 thru 12/31.  The last time we changed insurance, there were four individuals that gave input.  There will be a new policy in place as of January 1.  Words to look for when signing a contract are – PRIMARY NONCONTRIBUTORY – if those words are in a contract that your Club signs, you are no longer covered under NCCC insurance.  It is recommended that you do not put your name on cars and trailers.  Be careful of what is posted on social media.  GM has not given permission to use print media of the 2014.  You may use a photograph by getting permission and stating so from the owner of a 2014.  There must be a disclaimer or GM will most likely go after you.  “Photo is used with the permission of the owner.”  GM is NOT the GM we used to know.  We HAVE permission to use the C1 - C6 logos.  Remember – if a wheel turns – get a waiver signed.  Some Clubs sign waivers at Socials and Meetings – that is fine also.  ANY competition event or “event” where a wheel  turns, needs a waiver.  The RCD’s are networking to keep informed in regard to the insurance limit issue.  All of the By-Laws passed.  The 2015 Convention will be in the Poconos.  The only contested Officer race was won by Dale Samuelson.  The 2014 Charity car will be a 7 speed automatic – no color has been announced.  The Scholarship deadline is April 26, 2014.  The information is on the NCCC website.  The 2013 Convention had 450 adults, 75 day passes, 103 low speed participants, 251 at the banquet, 25 kegs of beer, 20 canisters of soda were used, 60 bottles of wine were drank.  Profit was $17,403.18.  This will be split in half – NCCC General Treasury and NCCC Charity/Scholarship Fund.  Dick Yanko had decided long ago that this was how he wished to split the money.  Bernyce Molenda was appointed to be the 2014 Convention Treasurer.  Convention begins on Carlisle weekend and ends Labor Day Weekend – thus the question of whether or not sanctioned events

can be held on Labor Day Monday.  There will be a riverboat cruise.  Registration opens February 1 – it is now done electronically.  There was a budget for 2014 proposed – it was in the negative of $51,000.  Chuck H voted against.  The 2013 budget was also a negative one and now they are in the plus $129,000 – but a number of things have not yet been paid.  The Treasurer feels that they will be lucky to break even at the end of the year.  They continue to make negative budgets and hope that it doesn’t end up that way.  The Hearing Committee that was set up to investigate the charges filed against Hal Belamy found that they were without merit.  The motion passed to accept their findings.  It was announced that you can purchase a ton of asphalt to pave the track at the Museum for $100.  Fundraising is going well at the Museum.  The Car Raffles always make money and in the long run are hurting the NCCC Charity Raffle.  There are no longer Transplant Games and we get very little help from the Kidney Foundation in selling tickets, and having only one drawing a year as opposed to the several that the Museum have is hurting us.  If every member of NCCC would purchase one ticket, it would certainly help.  Please go back and encourage your Clubs to buy OUR Raffle Tickets.  In your renewal packet there is a “green sheet” allowing you to purchase 6 tickets for $25 – the best deal around.  Chuck H was asked why he opposed the negative budget.  He stated that they do not have a Budget Committee that puts it together.  The Treasurer asks all of the elected and appointed Officers what they think they will spend in the coming year.  Most of them do not respond – so the Treasurer plugs in numbers.  If the numbers are too far out of line, the RE’s, who see it first, question why.  Jean Morrison was elected in 2012 – Chuck H feels that she was hung out to dry in preparing this budget.  Chuck H feels that no one is held responsible if they lose money or go over budget.  The positive balance in November did not reflect two issues of Blue Bars already out and one yet to be published – each approximately $40,000.  NCCC’s revenue is based on Membership and the accounting firms that have looked at their books over the years and have given them suggestions, repeatedly telling them that they HAVE to find a different way to generate revenue.  Membership is actually stagnant and cannot be counted on to fill our coffers.  The Finance Committee’s answer is always to raise dues.  There never seems to be any cuts in expenses.   The RE’s have tried very hard to suggest cuts.  Some Officers have cut their budgets while others feel that they have a blank check – no one will do anything about it.  We have cut “perks” - yet there are line items for them – what are they?  It takes time to get the thinking moving in the right direction and by the time that happens we have a new Treasurer in office.  Chuck H feels that it is time for NCCC to hire an Executive Director to handle the day to day operation of the organization.  It is time for NCCC to be run as a Corporation.  If you don’t perform, you don’t get the money.  Chuck H used Wendell Strode and the NCM as an example - turning it around from an almost bankrupt organization to being profitable.  NCCC is our heritage. 


OLD BUSINESS – The Regional Timing Trailer was put into Bob Thomsen’s name at the October meeting.  It was sold to him with the stipulation that the EOR has the first right to buy it back.  He had it insured and purchased plates.  The bills were sent to Ken and paid.  There was discussion among the RCD’s to be careful about putting names and organizations logos on trailers.  The only decals on ours is for the EOR and NCCC.  The other side of the coin is that if you make the trailer “visible” by putting on decals it is less likely to be taken.  It can be handled however the Governors decide.  Bob Thomsen will NOT be doing the Regions timing next year.  He has done it since we established our timing situation.  He has more business and personal obligations.                       

NEW BUSINESS – Chuck H had asked for a bid for the 2015 Regional Banquet that is to be presented at today’s meeting per our By-Laws.  There were no bids.  Terry Muich asked for a clarification in regard to a Standing Rule.  He stated that sanction fees are due by January 15, a date set by the RCD. He asked that if they are not paid by said date, the events revert back to the EOR to be set by the RCD or other Clubs from the bidding order.  He feels we have lost money because Clubs are not using their sanctions.  Chuck H stated that a CLUB is allowed to sanction 10 events per year – NOT the Region.  Terry feels that Clubs that are sitting on sanctions are shorting the Region - withholding the opportunity for the Region to make money.  Mark Thurin said - what if he decided to put on a rallye in September and his sanction is gone.  Chuck S stated that two criteria have to be met – first, the Clubs Membership dues must be paid.  Second, your sanctions must be paid by January 15.  If you don’t pay for them by then you lose them.   Tim Obert questioned why he must pay to “commit” to events that he may or may not put on.  He feels that what you are paying for is to hold the date.  Terry argued that the fees have always been there to support the Region.  Chuck H feels that the word missing from the proposal is “scheduled sanction.”  Chuck H does not feel that they are the Regions property and that there is nowhere in the Rulebook that says the Region can take them back.  It is the Clubs right to hold the sanctions – it is their right to choose what to do with them.  Don Burk wanted to know why if it’s not paid for, how can you hold the date.  Answer:  Dates are not held unless sanction fees have been paid.  Tim feels that this will be a Regional rule that overrides a National rule.  Chuck S cannot find anything in regard to this.  Terry pointed out that Tim has always wanted extra sanctions.  Tim would like the schedule to be a little more realistic by having fewer events per day.  He would rather have opportunities to have quality events instead of “points filled days.”  Bruce Warnick feels that by a Club holding onto events it screws up the rest of the Clubs in the Region trying to put on their events.  Tim stated that if he withheld events in December it should have nothing to do with the rest of the Regions schedule because if he DID want to schedule them he would have to put them in open spots later on.  He feels that they ARE NOT the Regions to take over.  Chuck S stated that Regional Events are second to Club Events.  Club Events are put on first and Regional Events are filled in later.  He offers Clubs extra sanctions to Clubs with the understanding that they must pay the sanction fee for those events.  Chuck S feels that this will screw up the MVP Award because it works on percentages.  Tim is not against Clubs donating their events - he is against the forceful removal of those events.  Chuck H said that we first have to understand WHO gives the sanctioned events to each Club.  NCCC does.  It is up to the Club what they do with those events – whether they sanction them or not.  If this is passed, you have taken that right away from them.  It doesn’t make any difference whether they lose anything or not.  The REGION doesn’t sanction anything.  Reggie Muich asked that maybe the Club should state by a certain date whether or not they are going to use the sanctions and therefore give up their liability.  Chuck H said that the Club number is always attached to the sanction.  Chuck S said that if another Club buys the sanctions then technically they don’t belong to the original Club anymore.  Terry Sells asked how all of the equipment, trailer and the acre at the Museum were funded.  Chuck H answered – by the proceeds from the 1997 NCCC Convention.  Terry S asked what is the harm in continuing to fund the Region.  Terry S doesn’t feel our funds will last long.  Chuck H explained that expenses incurred by putting on events are taken out of the profits from the event – NOT the Regional coffers.   This is the way it’s always been done.  Chuck S stated that he bases his yearly budget on the sanction fees and that most of our equipment is becoming antiquated and will have to be replaced.  Terry M feels that is a Clubs responsibility to help fund the Region by using their sanctions.  If they are not going to hold events, then why are they members.   Chuck H stated that each Club pays a head tax and therefore supports the Region.  Terry M stated that he is looking for a legal reason to force Clubs to make a decision to support the Region.  Chuck H stated that if this motion passes it will drive certain Clubs away and gave the example of Blennerhassett choosing to leave the Region.  The Region has NO expense by having a Club belong.   It costs the Region nothing to have Clubs belong.  This was submitted by Rich Brooks who was not in attendance (after lunch), therefore, the motion cannot be made by him.   The motion was made by Terry Muich and seconded by Sharon Burk.  The motion passed by a vote of 8 – 2.  Chuck S stated that he felt that this was done very diplomatically.


Current Standing Rules and Operating Procedures Language:

Page 2:  Financial Matters #5.  Sanction Fees.  An amount per sanctioned event as established by the approved budget is to be paid by clubs hosting sanctioned events.  The sanction fee is due by the date the RCD sets as the deadline.  Current Regional sanctioning fees are set at $25 per event.  If a sanctioned event is dropped or has to be cancelled the sanction fee is to be refunded.   Exception:  If a sanction is denied because a club did not get a flyer in by the time limit or other fault of the club no sanction fee will be refunded.

Passed Standing Rules and Operating Procedures Language:

Page 2:  Financial Matter #5.  Sanction Fees.  An amount per sanctioned event as established by the approved budget is to be paid by clubs hosting the sanctioned events.  Current Regional sanctioning fees are set at $25 per event.  The sanction fee is due by the deadline date set by the RCD which is January 15th of the following year.  If a club has NOT paid their sanction event fees by the deadline date, the sanction events revert back to the East Ohio Region to be used by the RCD in conjunction with another club’s sanctioned event’s or to be used solely by the Region.  If a sanctioned event is dropped or has to be cancelled, the sanction fee is to be refunded.  Exception:  If a sanction is denied because a club did not get their flyer in by the allotted time or other fault of the club, then no sanction fees will be refunded. 

State in detail why you feel the language should be changed:

To keep from wasting sanctioned events which would help raise money for the East Ohio Regions Awards Banquet plus other functions of the Region.


Terry Muich stated that the next order of business should be to get things in order for the new RE.  Our By-Laws state that the newly elected RE is to take over preliminary duties the day after the election.  Terry M feels that he should get his Secretary and Treasurer appointed and the financial matters of the Region straightened out.  He moved that all of the needed activities take place today.  Tim Obert wondered what exactly had to be done today.  Terry M stated that the Governors control the Region and the approvals should take place today.  Chuck H stated that he understood what Terry M was saying, but that he didn’t read far enough in the By-Laws and that the Office does not take effect until January 1.  The new RE can make his appointments, but that there is nothing to transfer except the bank accounts and the term closes on December 31.  He has the Secretary’s records here.  All that needs to be done is to contact Ken Rutherford to set a date after the 1st of January.  It cannot be done today.  If you read further on in the By-Laws it states that the appointments are affirmed and reaffirmed at the first meeting of the calendar year.  The first meeting of the calendar year is in March.  Nothing that has been done has been done outside of the By-Laws that this Region operates by.  No one has stopped the new incoming  RE from making his appointments, no one has stopped the transfer of anything.   We know where everything is at and at the appropriate time, when they set up their date it will be done.   Nobody is circumventing anything, nobody is giving anyone a hard time – we are following exactly what the By-Laws say. If you want that changed, it requires a By-Law change and we have a procedure to do that -which cannot be done today.  Terry M said we are just splitting hairs with what the preliminary duties are.  Chuck S stated that he had checked with two attorneys on this that told him it doesn’t specify what the preliminary duties are.  It just says preliminary duties.  What are they?  This could be eliminated because it doesn’t say what those duties are.  So it’s useless.  Chuck H said that if you want to eliminate that go through the process to do so, but it cannot be done today.   Chuck S said - or specify what preliminary duties are.  Chuck H – both are By-Law changes and must go through proper procedure so what Terry Muich is talking about is a moot point.  Terry M asked if the appointments could be made today.  Chuck H stated that that no one has stopped the elected person from making his appointments – because he had stated after the October meeting who his appointees were.  He can do those things – but the By-Laws say that those appointments are when his term begins – you serve at the pleasure of the person who appoints you – he has no appointing power until January 1 and the By-Laws say that they are affirmed and reaffirmed at the first calendar meeting of the year.  If you want to change that and don’t like that and want it done the day that that person is elected it won’t affect the next year because there is a procedure by which this is done.  It has to go through the committee – of which you, Terry M, are a part of this year – it has to be announced at the third meeting of the year and be brought forth to be voted on in December.  If you want that all changed, you have to do it as per what our By-Laws say, and what Chuck S said about there being no specification about preliminary duties is true.  This was probably done for a very good reason when these by-laws were created some 20 years ago.  Sharon Burk asked – so are you saying that the only thing to do is to call Ken, set a time and place, and go to the bank? That is exactly right.  Roger Flading said that you stated that he cannot appoint the Treasurer or Secretary until then but yet you can call Ken and transfer the funds  - can’t do it until March because the appointments aren’t approved until then.  Chuck H said the appointments are effective as of January 1 - the Governors affirm them at the first calendar meeting of the year.  Roger asked what happens if they don’t approve who you select.  Chuck H said that the Governors then will decide WHO they want to approve.  It’s very specific in the By-Laws.  Terry M quoted page 4, section 7 of the By-Laws.  He felt that Terry S doesn’t have to appoint them and that the Governors could do it right now.  Terry S questioned who needed to be at the turnover of the bank account and asked if Chuck H would like to do this after the first of the year.  Chuck H said that Ken would need to be contacted first.  Again, Chuck H stated that is what our By-Laws tell us to do.  It cannot be done today and cannot wait until the first meeting of the year.  Tim O suggested January 3.  Chuck H stated once again, that they must check with Ken to set it up.  Peggy also stated that the bank should be contacted so that the proper bank person is there to authorize the transfer.  Originally the account was set up in Stow, went to the Washington Square branch, and is now in Wooster.  All it takes is a phone call to Ken, who will set up a time.  Terry Sells asked that the Governors affirm his appointments of Dan Lyden as Treasurer and Ana Phillips as Secretary so that it appears in the minutes.  Chuck H asked if there were any objections to those appointments.  There were none.  Those appointments become effective January 1.  Ana asked if Chuck H would be doing the minutes from this meeting.  He stated, yes. 

There was no further new business.




Mark Thurin – Merry Christmas to all and hopes for a better year.

Terry Muich – appreciates the support for their Charity event.  Hope to have a bigger number next year -$28,000 this year of which $10,000 came from an out of state firm.  There will be an article in Blue Bars – Happy Holidays

Terry Sells – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Buckeye will be hosting a Spring BBQ on February 1 – all clubs are invited. 

Tim Obert – Have a good Christmas

Dan Lyden – Merry Christmas – has a new grandson

Sharon Burk – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Warren Obert – thanks for supporting our events – have a Happy Holiday and a safe one – see you next year

Ken Jecmen – Happy Holidays from North East Ohio Corvette Club – we’ll be celebrating our 40th year  - we’ll be doing everything we can this year to get our members to become more active in the Region.

Bobby Ferrell – Merry Christmas from the Central West Virginia Corvette Club – we’ll be hosting our car shows at Harry Green Chevrolet in August when they’ve been held for the last 40 years.  We also celebrated our 40th last year.

Peggy Stephens – Merry Christmas – thanks for getting your renewals in – we’ve got a new year in front of us – safe travels.

Chuck Stephens – asked that we remember this day in 1941 when Pearl Harbor was attacked.  Reminded the Governors that he works for them and he is YOUR RCD.  The Clubs come first and the Region comes second as far as events are concerned.  He is accessible via telephone or email.  He is happy to serve with you and for you, and wishes all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Chuck Heretta – Happy Holidays – Merry Christmas – whatever your beliefs are – take care of them – be careful driving.

Terry Muich thanked our outgoing RE, Chuck Heretta for his dedication and his efforts as Regional Executive.  We appreciated what you have done.  You have made a lot of changes – a lot of positive.  If you want to run for the Office again – it’s up in two years.

Chuck H thanked Terry.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:19 PM



Minutes Transcribed from actual meeting tapes and notes by:

Elaine Heretta


The following corrections to the above minutes were noted at the March 1, 2014 EOR meeting: Chuck Stephens was the proxy for Kanawha Valley and Tom Geul was the proxy for Tiretown.  In addition, Tim Obert advised he was at the last meeting but was not on the list of attendees.  No other corrections noted. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Ana Phillips – Secretary – East Ohio Region