August 23, 2003



The Regional meeting was called to order by RE Chuck Heretta, at 10:17 AM at Esber’s in Canton, Ohio.
The following clubs and officers were represented:

Aurel Ouellette, Fun Center, RMD, Gov.                                         Bob Schneider, Lakeshore Corv. Gov

Alan Moore, Tiretown Corv., RCD, .                                                Mark Thurin, Canton Corv., Gov.

William Wood, Kanawha Valley, Gov.                                             Dick Downs, Competition Corv, Gov

Chuck Heretta,  Buckeye Corvette, RE, Gov.                                   Bob Kuty, Mahoning Valley, Gov.

Garland Brown, Medina, Prxy, Gov.                                                  Elaine Heretta, Corvette Cleve, Prxy, Gov,

Jim Dietrich, Tiretown, Prxy, Gov.                                                    



Motion was made by Dick Downs to accept minutes as printed, seconded by Bob Kuty, motion was carried.


The treasurer’s report was read and accepted. Motion to accept by Bob Kuty, seconded by Bob Schneider.


Since there were some new members/guest in the room Chuck went around the room with introductions.




The point standings were handed out as of August 13, 2003, The August 3 and August 13 events are not included.

The overall concours club is North East Ohio, overall rallye is Corvette Cleveland, and overall speed is Tiretown.  Overall men Chuck Heretta, overall women Elaine Heretta.


A reminder that you need to use the same car for speed and concours, but can use a different Corvette for rallye.  In order to qualify for driver and navigator, you must have been the driver for four (4) events and navigator for four (4) of five (5) events.


Results are timely but the could be a bit better.  Please watch for spelling of names and proper year and color.


Any rule changes or additions you would like to see in Championship Series need to be presented at the next meeting.


Reminder to turn in $1.50 per person whether NCCC member or not.




Workers need to sign the waivers also in order to get points.  Workers do not get points if the waiver is not signed.  Spelling of names on results has been pretty bad this year.    It was suggested ask the entrants to put their NCCC number under duties on the waiver form.  There were also cases where the primary and secondary person show the same national council number.  Results must be typed, the VP of competition will not accept any hand written results. 


Alan has copy of national points for anyone who would like them.  He also has national summary sheets.  It shows results that have been received and what events are scheduled for the year.  Men’s first place is Rene Cardenas, first place ladies Betty Parks, first place club is Tiretown Corvette Club.


A packet was handed out containing men’s, women’s and club points standings for the region.  Please check the results over and let Alan know if there are any discrepancies.  First place club is Corvette Cleveland.

At the last National Council meeting it was announced to the RCD’s the Road Runner Region fired their RCD.  He was not turning results in from events.  Points of several clubs were taken away because of this, so region decided it was time to replace him.


In the new rulebook DOT helmets will not be accepted, they need to be Snell rated.  If has a DOT and Snell rating, the Snell is what will be looked at because it is approved.  


Proposal was brought up to bring in more money for the competition committee.  There had been a proposal to buy equipment to use on drag cars for testing, but the request was turned down because it did not get into the budget early enough.  Proposal must be submitted two (2) years ahead of time.  So a proposal of a national sanctioning fee was brought up, $10.00 a sanction to go into Competition fund for expenses.


One of the reasons for this is national is running about $140,000.00 in the hole.  Much of this goes to insurance.


Don’t forget when putting on an event and someone from out of region runs your event; send a copy of the results to the RCD of that region the entrant is from.  If the RCD is running the event and gets a copy of the results this would satisfy the requirement.


Chuck asked when the new helmet rule of Snell ruling would go into effect, per Alan January 1, 2004.  The way the rule is being written it will include the two (2) preceding series of Snell helmets.  They are anticipating a rating to come out in 2004. So the 95 rating will be dropped and the 2000 and 2004 would be approved.  Per Chuck going on this cycle instead of stating years means if Snell goes on an every three year cycle, then an entrant would have to buy a helmet every six (6) years.


Jim Dietrich asked about the sticker for helmets that were given out a couple of years ago.  Alan said this was a regional thing only and he is going to reinstate it next year.   


Qudra jet carburetor – if advertised as aftermarket is this legal, No they are not.  Must be re-manufactured on a GM body.


A suggestion was made that when a club puts on events to give them all the points earned by club instead of the 100 points per event.  The RCD’s said NO to this.


Next year you will be asked to declare if you want your points tracked nationally.  Probably asked in January and then again in middle of year.


The RCD’s will be looking at the control arm-bushing question again.  Control arms are no longer available from GM.  The way it is today, you would have to buy a whole “A” frame with everything.  They will have to consider aftermarket urethane bushings.  Alan says these will give a definite advantage to some people.  He does not like them in street class, or in group I at all.  GM has no plans to supply these parts at all anymore.


One of the first statements being considered for the new rulebook is the RCD’s will have right to change rules for betterment of competition.  Not all RCD’s are in favor of this.  We will get more information later.  It was commented would take a unanimous vote of all RCD’s to change anything.


Another thing that came up is they are looking at permanent numbers for competitors next year.  You will be asked to apply for a number at the beginning of year 2004.  If more than one entrant applies for the same number, they will go by standings of this past year (2003).  You will be asked to use 6 inch high numbers on the car, place has not been determined yet.  Alan is looking for a source of static cling numbers and the entrant could buy from region.  Numbers will be available for the once in a while entrant.


Gail noted if any errors are found on the results to let them know.  Also there are entrants with 130 points and they still have the time to qualify for team 200 award.


For the September 7, 2003 events, for the region, Denny Murphy already has a course set up idea.  Workers will be needed and anyone not participating would be helpful.  Fun Center was asked to do registration.


Bill Wood asked if national council ever considered breaking down top winners by category.  Such as top rally, top concourser and top racer.  It seems only a racer can win top honors the way it is designed now.  Per Alan yes, different things have been looked at, but also being considered is dropping national competition program and just do a regional program.




Handouts for East Ohio membership, NCCC membership, and FCOA membership report.  East Ohio has 903 current members, short 47 of our 950 goal for 2003.


At the August 16, 2003 meeting the NCCC membership was 17,417 with 290 clubs.


Everyone should have received the Blue Bars by now.  There is a shortage of Blue Bars, Aurel only received 2 extra copies for membership and he usually gets twenty (20).  If you get extra copies at your address and/or do not want your copies after reading please return to Aurel or Rose Schmidt to be recycled.


Sylvia Hoaldridge has said there will be no re-printing of last year’s convention issue.  It is too costly; there had been a request for this because so many issued had been damaged in the mail. 


A sample of next year’s membership card was shown to the RMD’s, it will have a blue C5 w/USA flag in the background.


The membership packet will contain green sheet, calendar, pin, member card, and convention registration.  It will not be as large as last year so should save on postage.


Proposed by-laws changes were submitted/ read but not discussed in the RMD meeting. 

1.                    Change renewal date for membership from December 15 to November 15, starting in 2004.   Please check your local club by-laws in case this passes, so you will be able to adjust you dates also.

2.                    Change dependent member age limit from 21 to 25

3.                    Or change dependent member age limit from 21 to unlimited

4.                    Or keep dependent membership as it is today


These will be done by mail in ballot.  Ballots will be mailed after the September meeting.  Voting will be done on preferential basis meaning you will have to select 1st, 2nd and/or 3rd choice.


Alan asked about a by-laws proposal submitted that would eliminate the RCD’s position.  Aurel said they had not heard or seen this, it must not have come out of the RE committee yet.  Chuck said he would address this in his report.


NCCC offices open for election this year.

VP-Competition                                    Mike Godfrey

Business manager                                Hal Bellamy

Sgt-Of-Arms                                         Karen Bryant and Judy Yanko

Secretary                                               Kathie Kokanowski


Scholarship applications may soon be available on the NCCC website, maybe for 2004.


FCOA membership is 1755 as of August 12, 2003; East Ohio has 127 FCOA members.


Question was asked how many that have dropped off list became dependent member.  This could not be answered only that East Ohio has 10 dependent members.  When an FCOA member turns 16 they are dropped from the list, unless their parents or guardians are a NCCC member this FCOA member cannot become a dependent member.


Aurel handed out a sheet on chances for a 1953 pedal car.  They are raffling for $5.00 each or 5 tickets for $20.00.  This will help offset printing and mailing expenses.  The drawing will be February 28, 2004.  This pedal car was donated to FCOA.


New NCCC membership brochures are available.  Bob Kuty commented these were for national how would we get members if mailed to national.  Bill Wood suggested do as he does and place governor name and number on brochure for local contact.  Chuck asked how many of these NCCC brochures were printed?  Aurel was not sure but thought about 5000.  Chuck said we potentially have a throwaway situation after two (2) years because they all have Gail Dawley’s information and she may not be in office in two years.  Chuck suggested this should probably go to the distribution center.


Hall of Fame:


A sample of the form for inductees to fill out background information after inducted in to Hall of Fame was requested, one could not be found on internet.  Bob Kuty will get one into computer and distribute to Mickey Ouellette.   


After Aurel wrote the Hall of Fame article for Blue Bars it was discovered Tom Boyadjis was inducted in 1994 for 1993.  The list for the region will be updated by Hall of Fame committee.  Also Hall of Fame committee will have to check list of inductees and probably back up everyone one year because of way nominations and induction’s were done. 





At the General meeting for governors, By-laws proposals were read for informational purposes.  They will be discussed at the September meeting.  Then after the September meeting a ballot will be mailed out.


There is a standing rule change to change membership from December 15, to November 15 starting in 2004.  So please be sure and check your club by-laws in case this passes.  Another by-law change is the dependent issue as mentioned earlier.


Aurel was asked how many dependent members we have nationally. He will check with Gail Dawley and let governors know.  Aurel was then asked to explain the bylaw for open-ended age of dependents.  Aurel said committee considered two things first was if raise the age to 25, soon as dependent turns 25 right back where you were before are you going to lose that member.  Are they going to stay and become a primary member or drop out?  Second thing was what do you do with dependent member who is disabled or handicapped and not able to drive.  They will never meet the criteria of being an owner or principal driver of a Corvette.  Do you just drop them out because they reached the age of 21?  Chuck brought up that the bylaw passed last year allows people who are interested enough to join national council to become a member without ever owning a Corvette.  The problem with this was numerous local clubs have the requirement that you cannot be a member of that club if you do not own a Corvette.  We do not check to see if MAL’s own a Corvette. 


Another addition will be job descriptions for FCOA director and Distribution Center manager; these will be added to by-laws.


The by-laws question Alan Moore asked about earlier, to eliminate competition committee, this by-law sort of just went away.


Chuck will have the final wording and discussion of these by-law changes at the September, East Ohio meeting.


He mentioned the Profit and Loss projections for 2004.  They are presently projecting a $119,277.50 more than what they take in.  This year there was a deficit of about $43,000.00 but it has been wiped out because of Debbie Lindsey job in getting sponsorships.  Some things that come to mind immediately, Membership wants $52,500.00 last year they needed $43,000.00 of which $25.000.00 was spent in Nashville.  Competition program shows deficit of $24,725.00.  Competition program does not have an income.    None of this covers insurance that comes from a different pot, insurance will increase about 10 to 15 percent  next year.  The Las Vegas convention is projecting a $23,095.00 loss, but that is because they are not allowed to project sponsorship dollars.  E-board is projecting a $89,562.50 in deficits, $70,000.00 is insurance. 


Dick Downs asked what steps are being taken to reduce deficit, Chuck responded to find out what others groups are going to do with money requested and why they need it. 




Timing equipment is up and running, does have a few problems, but they are mostly learning curve and are being addressed.


They have found a program that will do results for events.  They have a demo program downloaded into a laptop.  They are looking to test it in October.


It was decided until we get a new rulebook stating how the program and points will be done in the next four (4) years we should not spend dollars programming and then have to re-program in six (6) months or so.


They have found out the timing system works in the rain.


The Hall of Fame guidelines are being looked at; the wording needs placed in these guidelines that if were on the list this year and not voted in then are automatically considered for next year.  They will not need to have a form turned in again the following year.  Hall of Fame committee will work on the wording and add to guidelines.


Mickey brought up that in the article Aurel wrote it stated all governors were entitled to one vote and each elected officer had a vote.  But whenever she was asked to mail or count ballots she was only given the amount for the number of clubs in region at time.  The Hall of Fame committee will look at this and make a decision of what needs to be done.


The regional banquet to be held in March 2004 for 2003 season will be at Holiday Inn, New Philadelphia, Ohio.  The dates are March 5, 6 and 7.  The committee members present at the meeting will look at the contract after the meeting today and accept or make recommended changes.


Buckeye Corvettes will be running a raffle that includes a first prize of two (2) night stay at the hotel, second prize two (2) banquet dinners.  In order to get the reduced room night rates we need 55 room nights for the weekend.  If you only spend one night it will be $64.00 plus 10% tax; two nights will be $59.00 per night plus 10% tax.


Mickey gave a charity report; they are looking at the raffle car for next year to be a commemorative blue Corvette.  The Nashville car show was really productive for the Charity committee; the Cornhusker Corvette Club brought 25 cars out of the 100 entered.  Patrick Dolan  presented them with a special plaque of thanks at the banquet for this.  Patrick Dolan is checking with John about changing the scholarship deadline for next year.  Usually it is May 1, but with convention being so early next year, first week of June it was felt there may not be enough time to review them.   Raffle tickets for 2004 are already printed.  In the dollar prizes this year we had three (3) sets of tires to give away.  The 2003 car was won by a lady in Tampa Bay, Florida.  Bob Kuty said the charity committee also gave out another award that night.  Bob was recognized for all his years of work in maintaining the NCCC post office box for mailing the green sheets.





There will be a regional practice on October 4, 2003 at Euclid Square Mall, this will be called Low Speed for Life.  This is a non sanctioned low speed event hosted by Corvette Cleveland, all proceeds will go to American Cancer Society.  It is on the North side of mall.  They will be charging $15.00 per person because they will have to pay for the lot and then all monies after paying for lot will go to American Cancer Society.


They are hopeful of trying to use the new timing event along with new results program.  Chuck will get all information to Mickey to be included in minutes.


The RCD for last three (3) years has had a point’s tracker.  Gail takes summers off to concentrate on doing the points for competition.  Points are a monumental thing to do and the RCD’s job is a twelve month job.  Chuck would like that we put in our regional standing by-laws that the region appoints a point’s tracker.  This will allow for an RCD without a spouse or someone who wants to do points to have region appoint a tracker.  The person who does this will have to have their own computer and software to do this job.


Bob Kuty made a motion we establish an East Ohio region points tracker for 2004 and add to standing by-laws, seconded by Dick Downs.  Motion carried.  Bill Wood asked how much memory do you need on a computer to do this job.  Gail does not think it will require large memory but the older the computer the slower it runs.


Recently there was a debate about when/what time events could be held on a Saturday when we have an East Ohio regional meeting.  There has always been a gentleman’s agreement that no event could start before 4:00 PM on an East Ohio Saturday meeting day.  Our event calendar is scheduled in December of the previous year, the local region clubs then schedule other events and meetings around these dates.  A comment was made the gentleman’s agreement was not written anywhere so was not valid.  After much discussion and some heated disagreements an agreement was reached.  Registration will start before 4 PM but events will not be able to start until as close to 4pm as impossible.  You can also pre-register.  If you attend the regional meeting it should be no problem to get there on time.  Registration will close at 5PM.


Chuck suggested we now need to put in writing what the gentlemen’s agreement states, the governors agreed.  Chuck will draft a statement to add to the region by-laws.   He will get this ready for the minutes so Mickey can mail out for everyone to review before September meeting.


Nominations of officers followed: Due to the dates of the meetings this year ballots will need to be mailed to Mickey.   Nominations close 15 days prior to election, withdrawal 30 days prior to election.  Chuck suggested we move that ballots need to be to Mickey by October 18, 2003, you will have up till September 18, to remove your name from ballot, and till October 3, 2003 to add your name to the ballot.


Aurel Ouellette nominated Chuck Heretta for Regional Executive, seconded by Bob Kuty, Chuck accepted.  No other nominations at this time.


Bob Kuty nominated Alan Moore for Regional Competition Director, seconded by Dick Downs, Alan accepted.


Dick Downs nominated Aurel Ouellette for Regional Membership Director, seconded by Mark Thurin, Aurel accepted.


Alan Moore nominated Bob Kuty for East Ohio Championship Series Director, Bob Kuty declined.


Bob Kuty nominated Elaine Herettta for East Ohio Championship Series Director, Elaine declined.


Chuck Heretta nominated Bob Kirsch for East Ohio Championship Series Director, seconded by Aurel Ouellette, Bob Kirsch not there to decline has till September 18 to decline.


Ballot so far is RE, Chuck Heretta, RCD Alan Moore, RMD Aurel Ouellette, EOCS Bob Kirsch.

If there are no further nominations by October 3, 2003 Roberts Rules of order allow the secretary to cast one vote to elect those on the ballot.  You will not receive a ballot if this happens.


The 2004 proposed budget was presented and discussed, Bob Kuty made a motion to accept as budget for 2004, Mark Thurin seconded, motion carried.




Bill Wood said for the concours they are having on Labor Day he needs judges.


When Kanawha Valley does their rally in the fall, Bill is looking at doing an overnight at a resort.  He is also planning a tour of a coal mine. 


Reminder of additional low speed events on September 27 and 28, 2003.


Dick Downs said Competition Corvette Halloween rally on October 25, will start from Lakeland College.  There will be prizes for best costume but it must be in keeping with the theme, “Jukebox Saturday Night”.   They are also holding a car show on September 14 and the proceeds will go to Hospice.


Corvette Cleveland will mail out flyers for Low Speed for Life event, were not available at meeting.


Aurel from Fun Center Corvette Club thanked all in the region for their help at event on Saturday and Sunday.


Mark Thurin was presented with a Certificate of recognition for 25 years membership in East Ohio Region.


Reminders:  Get your input from your club members on the proposed by-law changes for national.  

Be prepared to change your local club by-laws in case membership dates for NCCC renewal change.

At the September regional meeting will get final word on by-laws proposals and what is going on with them.


Bring your proposed by-law changes to East Ohio Championship Series September meeting.


Bob Schneider mentioned that Lake Shore will have a non-sanctioned event at Put-In-Bay, it will be $30.00 a car and it includes one poker hand.  You can chose to stay overnight if you want at Islander Inn or Park Hotel.


There are regional dollars available for governors to travel to St. Louis governor meeting.  You can make use of this one time a year.  You would be expected to pay for flight and room and then turn bill into treasurer.  The max you can collect is $150.00, but usually you can get a flight and room for one night with this.


Dick Downs made a motion to adjourn, Bob Kuty seconded, motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 2:08PM.



                                                                                                                                Respectively submitted



                                                                                                                                Mickey Ouellette



This is addendum to August 23, 2003 regional minutes: This is to be added to Operating Procedures.

The gentlemans agreement statement: As has been past practice in the East Ohio Region, no events shall be held on scheduled Regional meeting days unless they are to begin after 4PM at the earliest and Champ Series events are not to be scheduled on Saturday's unless voted to do so at scheduling meeting, and then registration cannot start until 4PM.