MAY 11, 2002


The Regional meeting was called to order by RE Chuck Heretta, at 10:10 AM at Esber’s , in Canton, Ohio.

The following clubs and officers were represented:


Chuck Heretta, Buckeye, RE, Gov.                                                        Aurel Ouellette, Fun Center, RMD, Gov.

Alan Moore, RCD                                                                                Bob Kirsch, EOCS Dir. Prxy, NEOVC,gov.

Bob Kuty, Mahoning Valley, Gov.                                                        Rich Brooks, Medina, Gov. Proxy

Deb Murphy, Tiretown, Gov.                                                      Mark Thurin, Canton, Gov.

Bob Fultz, Competition, Gov.                                                                Bob Thomsen, Corvette Clev., Gov.

Dan Lundblad, Blennerhasset, Gov.                                                        Bob Schneider, LakeShore, Gov.



Introductions of officers, governors, and club representatives were conducted. 


Bob Kuty made a motion to accept the secretary’s report as printed, seconded by Bob Fultz. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s report was read, Bob Kuty made a motion to receive as read with adjustments to be made to banquet report, Aurel Ouellette seconded, motion carried.




Gave handouts for EOR membership, NCCC membership, Active membership, FCOA membership.  Please take the NCCC membership and compare with your club membership.  Make sure all names, address etc are correct.  If these are not correct the members will not get their copy of  “Blue Bars”. 


Also handed out applications for MBNA credit card applications for NCCC.


East Ohio membership currently has 893 members with 16 clubs.  We are currently 47 members down from last year at this time.  We are 147 members short of our year end goal.  NEOVC has 132 members, Competition 112, Tiretown 97. 


NCCC membership is at 15,323. 


RMD’s had proposed some by-laws changes for membership, and presented to the RE’s.  The RE’s came back with some corrections and re-wording.  The RMD committee re-wrote the changes and will be resubmitting to the RE’s.  Hopefully to be voted on sometime this year.


Club incentive awards from Kuhmo tires was clarified.  Clubs with a membership growth of 10%, plus 10 + 1 new members to their November membership list, will qualify. Drawing will be in November.  No transfers from one club to another will count. 


There were no applications submitted for the Duntov award this year.


The RMD’s  were given a CD-ROM of membership for their region.  They were asked to look at this and give their input.  There were some concerns raised, because it is one continuous list, not broke down by clubs.  Also the RMD’S will be given a new CD-ROM each time not an update.  This has been mailed to the RE, RCD and EOCS.


Governor meeting site bid proposals were submitted for St. Louis (Sheraton Westport) and Nashville, (Marriott).

These ballots will be mail in only, the business managers will check the sites before the ballots are sent to make sure the sites meet the criteria.  The bids will cover the years 2004, 2005, 2006.


NCCC will receive $30.00 for each member that signs up and uses the card at least once.  The first 300 applicants to use the card will receive a  “57” Corvette promo.  If possible spouses should apply separately for the credit card as this would give NCCC $60.00 if each used at least once.  Also nowhere was it stated that person had to be a NCCC member, the person applying would have to use the code on the application.  This code specifies it is for NCCC credit card.  Use the form that was handed out and if you duplicate the form be sure to copy both sides, because no where on the form does it ask for a NCCC number.  Also if you elect to call in your application, please use the code number on the application.


Chuck asked if the bid for the meeting site in St. Louis was split locations as it is now, one at the tower and rest at the chalet.  Aurel thought so but would look up to confirm.


If you order ZIP products on line on the 800 number it does not ask for NCCC number so Chuck Heretta will check with Deb Lindsey to make sure we are getting credit.


Your Perks Pack for 2003 will contain a 50th anniversary patch and an gold cover calendar. 


Scholarship from NCCC has increased to $750.00.  Grandchildren will be included next year for the scholarship.  Also comment was made about references, what the people considering these applications are looking for are references from professional educators, principals, counselors etc.  They want it to be someone who knows the student.


NCCC officers up for election next year are: President, VP-Membership, Treasurer, Director of Public Relations, Parliamentarian.  Aurel has nominations forms and job descriptions if anyone is interested in running. 


FCOA, East Ohio has  114 members.  Corvette Cleveland has 32 FCOA members.  FCOA number 1900 was assigned to Fred Kubiak’s 14 year old grandson.


If you would like to contact Pat Kelly about FCOA her e-mail address is: Pat Kelly FCOAKIDS@aol.com.


If you would like to attend the meetings in St. Louis, Aurel has advance reservation forms.


Aurel made a trip to Blue Field, West Virginia about two weeks ago to see about getting a club to join National Council.  The clubs name is East River Mountain Corvette Owners.  Cole Chevrolet is sponsoring the club and seems really interested.  Aurel thanked Bill Miller of Central West Virginia, and Bill Wood of Kanawha Valley for coming down, providing support and information.


Also, Aurel will be mailing out to the governors a charge of two dollars per person for members added to clubs since December meeting.




Champ series results to date were handed out.   Will be updating the website in next week.  The rules for Championship series will be on the website.


The $5.00 late will be invoked from date of this meeting forward. 


Webmaster:                Bob Kirsch


Website now includes the rules for MVP eligibility.  The website also has all events flyers that have been received and the championship series rules. 


East Ohio is listed on most major Corvette search engines.


Links have been added to new Buckeye website, also one to 50th anniversary website and one to caravan website.


Bob has new email address:                bobkjr@adelphia.net



Packages handed out with new waiver forms in them.  Must use the waiver form with red writing on them any date is fine, does not have to be newest, if need more contact Alan.  Packages also contain Competition Chronicles, and National Competition minutes.  Also noted are event changes. A full size printout of the protest form.  Drag records are included and flyers are included.


On the waivers where is says  “DUTIES” please have entrants place national council number here.  Remember that at all events no matter what type, every entrant must show their national council card.  Who ever is doing registration should compare what the entrant places on the form to the number on the NCCC card.


As of January 1, 2003 all the original “high speed” license will become invalid.  In order to get a new one you must re-qualify.  The requirements you must have run at least one high speed event in the last three years, or 10 low speeds over three weekends in the previous 18 months.


RCD’s are going to start discussing what an approved drivers school is. 


Make sure you get flyers, results and sanction events into Alan on time.  Jim Adrien VP Competition is being a stickler about stuff being in on time.  


There were some clarifications asked for but they were not turned in on time so there was a round table discussion held on them.


1.  Can a shield like that used in drag racing (NHRA) for automatic transmissions be used on a late model ZF or T56 6 speed in place of a blanket?   Answer, “NO”, it would have to be rebuilt to fit a standard transmission and it cannot be counted on for people to do this correctly.


2.        Can the extreme airflow filter be used on 53 through 82 cars? Answer  “No” cannot be used in stock Group I.

3.        Some one is building an anti-flex support bar for C4 and C5’s, it is an “H” shape bar that mounts where you take the removable hardtop off., question was can it be used in Group I, answer “NO”.


In national points the East Ohio region has two people in the top fifty, both from Mahoning Valley, in 18th for ladies is Sally Rogers and in 40th is Bob Miller for men’s.


On NorthEast flyer for Mid Ohio it says you cannot enter both events, clarification was if you have two cars there and one is not entered in the speed event you can enter both events. 


Question asked was there any discussion on changing the 1H record, per Alan no.  How can this not be with the cars they have out now almost half a second to a second faster?  Question if run in Group II do you have to tear down?  Answer yes.  The only group that does not tear down is RP.


The RCD’s are looking at some other options in the new rule book, so a person does not have to tear their new car down.  They are looking at the feasibility of buying some equipment.


As an aside, it was found out at the RCD’s meeting that Laurie Schwab’s 2001 had the motor die in it.  They took it to the dealership, and the dealership knew the Schwab’s raced.  The dealership went in on line knew the car had been raced  so they were not going to warranty the engine.  Steve Schwab convinced them to tear the engine down and if any damage had been caused by them personally he would pay for the repair.  Upon tearing the engine down it was discovered there were pieces of metal in the engine that were there from assembly, nothing that broke off.  They got the warranty covered.  Don Parks brought up that insurance companies in their area are looking on the internet and finding people are racing and canceling their insurance.


Region discussed all that is listed on results is name and NCCC number.  It was decided on EOCS to place overall men, women and club but not the type of event.


The new video shows the Corvette at Mid Ohio and is sold as a performance car.  Deb Murphy said she was going to Bowling Green the next weekend and she would ask Will about this.  If dealerships are not going to honor warranty how can they advertise the car this way?  They are giving the impression the car can be raced right off the showroom floor.   They are marketing the Corvette as a “race” car on the video. 


Question was asked are the competition directors going to revisit getting the Z06 out of Group “H”.  Per Alan they are going to revisit this.  He also brought up anything you want brought up let him know.  Things will continue to be discussed and as they talk about stuff it will be published.


If anyone has anything for a particular event they are interested in, let Alan know and please put it in writing.


Denny brought up that May 25, 2002 is the date for regional events, he would like to see as many East Ohio Regional officers there as possible.


The RCD’s have discussed allowing passengers at high speed drivers schools.   This may be in the next rule book, it cannot be an event. It cannot go into effect for 2004.  Question was asked has the East Ohio region given any consideration to a high speed drivers school?  The RCD’s are also going to discuss what it takes to be an instructor not just a driver. They still need to discuss what qualifies as a school.


Question was asked about passenger in car just said for speed event not high or low, Alan said it will be for both but passenger will not get points.  Comment made it will be too complicated to keep track of who gets points and who doesn’t. 


The next Fun Days at Nelson Ledges is June 21, 2002 check website at www.fastone.com.


Chuck asked the region to think about sponsoring a high speed driving school, maybe using SCCA instructors.  We need to find out what NCCC wants as a criteria to do this, would like to see this done in early 2003.




At the NCCC meeting new bonding went from $300,000 to $500,000 approved, but regional treasure coverage still in question.  In the new bond it is set up for employees of an organization and National Council does not have employees.  It is also set up for officers that National Council controls, and National does not control the regional treasurer’s.  They are going back and make sure regional treasurer are covered also.


The meeting site bid and hotels was presented, the cost of the hotel rooms in St. Louis for 2004, 2005, 2006 is $77.00, $79.00 and $79.00.  The Nashville cost for these years is $69.00, $74.00, and $76.00. 


Dan Skinner says participation is up and everyone drives to St. Louis.  There are five (5) from East Ohio region that attend the meetings and none of these five drive there.


Southwest has extended the deadline for friends fly free, total cost $155.00 round trip.


There was a motion made on the floor, at the NCCC meeting, to reinstate from national the regional membership postage to regional membership director.  They are already paying two (2) regions for this now.


Debbie Lindsey said they are about $10,000 ahead of last year at this time, although not all of this goes to convention.  It goes to various projects and committees in national.


June 1 is the next Blue Bars deadline.


There are almost 700 registered for convention, May 31, 2002 is deadline before you pay the additional fee of $30.00 more per person.


The 2003 convention is in Hagerstown, MD.  There is the possibility of two (2) bids for 2004, one for Brainard, MN. (mid July) and the other for Las Vegas, Nev. (early June).

If you plan on attending a meeting in St. Louis, do the booking for your rooms early, other groups are meeting at the hotel now.


Chuck asked about the cost of the NCCC audit, because the governors approved $6600.00 and audit showed $15,000.00 was spent.  At first they tried to say it was $6600.00 per year, but the by-laws do not requires this.  Then they tried to say it was because of the $3500.00 consulting fee.  Then said the executive board approved the additional amount.   Problem is  they only have the ability to approve $1000.00, and when Chucked asked various  members of the E-board did they approve this, they said no. When the Parliamentarian checked the minutes nothing was mentioned.  There is now supposed to be an explanation at the convention meeting. 


Chuck made the comment we need to get with an accountant firm and stay with them.


The treasurer’s report is now done on an accrual basis, there were questions raised on this also. The governors are asking for a report they can read and understand.  Deb Murphy was asked to comment on was an accrual basis really better to use.  Her personal idea was “no” we have a basic checkbook system, the bills come in and we pay them.  We collect dues at the same time each year and we pay insurance the same time each year. 


To get information about Indiana convention you can go to internet site: www.indianaregion.com. 


Tech will be Saturday and Sunday, 9 to 6 both days, with the exception it will be closed during governors meeting and drivers meeting on Sunday.  The lap around the track with be 8AM Monday, in order to try and get everyone there on time there may be a police escort.  Question was asked will it be around the formula one track or the oval, it will be the oval.   No nonsense of any type will be tolerated, or else everyone will be thrown off the track. 


Eagle One is having a contest for the most humorous license plate, you can go to www.eagleone.com for more details.  Entrants must be turned in by June 30, 2002, there is a $5000.00 grand prize.




Final 2002 banquet report, everything OK.


Hall of Fame:  No report, Those who were inducted this year please send in a picture page with a bio, to keep the book updated.  Competition has the Hall of Fame on their website.  Chuck reminded everyone that applications will start being accepted at the July meeting.  Contact any of the Hall of Fame committee members for an application.


Charity:                  The car has been ordered and the dealership will place on their showroom floor and sell tickets till they deliver to convention.  Green sheets will be taken at the convention.




The proposed budget for year 2003 was gone over, Deb Murphy made a motion to approve budget for 2003 seconded by Bob Kuty, motion carried.


A Frank Andrews remembrance was discussed.  Don Veselenak had talked with BJ, she sold the “68” to the Hoaldridges, she is also looking at selling the “94” also.  The hardest part for her right now is she must take Lindsey to school everyday, so they are looking at getting Lindsey a hardship license where she can start driving at 15. 


It was discussed did we want something on going or a one time thing, did we want to look at what to do in the future for others.  Presently we are looking only for Frank, open to any ideas. The budget committee can look at what they want to do in the future if anything for others.  A brick from the museum was discussed but it was also discussed that BJ and Lindsey could use something more substantial. It was discussed to send a check to BJ and let her decide what would be the best use for it. Deb Murphy made a motion we send at least $250.00 to BJ, Aurel Ouellette seconded.  Discussion was held, motion was passed.  Budget committee approved of the expenditure and suggested it come from the special purpose fund.    


Banquet 2003:                The hotel is caddy corner from Jacobs field.  NEOVC representative needs to get with Mickey to set up budget.  Mickey received an email from Jack Hallman that the parking garage was not covered but it does have security.


Bob Thomsen asked about regional timing equipment, Chuck keeps getting mixed reviews about the timer Dale Samuelson has.  This system requires an outboard powering system.  Once the event starts you can’t change things around,  In other words you cannot change classed or add someone else.  The system that Mike Gottfried has was asked about, there were several “no’s” so this one will not be pursued.  It was suggested if we could just establish a database with everyone’s name in it would help immensely. Maybe the RMD’S could share the disc they received from national.  Research will be continued.


If there is any governor that would like to go to St. Louis and would like a subsidy to help offset expenses please contact Chuck Heretta.




Regional Roundtable:  Chuck thanked Deb and Dennis Murphy for setting up a drivers school.


Rich Brooks asked about the way events are scheduled, it seems car show and rallies are in spring and fall and racing in the summer.  Chuck explained the bidding system and there are ways clubs can change this but they will have to get together will other clubs and work this out.  Another problem is getting people in a club to do events on more than one weekend.  Chuck did tell Rich he could pursue this and see what could be accomplished. 


Rich also asked was the region looking at buying land in the future for racing events.  This is not currently being discussed. 


The budget committee recommended moving the dollars currently in the Raffle Fund to the Hall of Fame fund, this will get it out of negative and give some money for the up coming year.  The governors approved.


Aaron Quine and Mike Miller driving a grand sport Corvette in One Lap of America, finished up in Lancaster and it looks like they are second overall and first in their class.


The services for John Baer were private, donations were asked to be sent to the National Diabetes association.  There was also another option and Chuck sent out the information.  A former East Ohio, Corvette Cleveland member is doing a walk for arthritis, in Anchorage, Alaska.  If any club or member donates to these organizations please let Chuck know so he can let Mr. and Mrs. Baer know.  


Warren Obert announced that on Memorial day,  Nelson Ledges they are going back to running the old way one lap at a time.  There will be two events, three laps per event, after the event they will keep running on the track till 5PM, to give open track time till 5PM.


The next national meeting will be July, 7, 2002 in Indianapolis, the next regional meeting will be July 27, 2002 at Esber’s in Canton.


Nomination of officers for the East Ohio Region, will be held at this time.   


                                                                                                                                Respectively submitted,





                                                                                                                                Mickey Ouellette



Correct internet address for Mark Thurin:                coolnest@juno.com