Held March 01, 2014 at the Roadway Inn, Wadsworth, Ohio


Regional Executive – Terry Sells                   Regional Membership Director – Peggy Stephens

Regional Treasurer – Dan Lyden                   Regional Competition Director – Chuck Stephens

Regional Secretary – Ana Phillips


Buckeye Corvettes, Inc – Roger Flading, Proxy for Terry Sells

Competition Corvette Assoc, Inc - Sharon Burk, Governor

Corvette Cleveland, Inc. – James Drabik. Governor

Crooked River Corvette Club, Ltd. –Tim Obert, Governor

Fun Center Corvette Club – Mickey Ouellette, Governor

Kanawha Valley Corvette Club, Inc. – Kenny Wells, Governor

Lake Shore Corvettes, Inc. – Ron Sommer, Governor

Mahoning Valley Corvettes – Dan Lyden, Governor

Medina Corvette Club – Rich Brooks, Governor

Mid- Ohio Corvette Club, Inc – Terry Muich, Governor

Mound City Corvette Club – Jack Sherman, Governor

North East Ohio Vette Club – T.R. Aldrich, Governor

Tiretown Corvette Club – Alan Moore, Governor


Carol Engel                  Faith Swan                   Wil Cooksey, Jr.                       Brian Moore

Karen Wells                 Warren Obert              Elizabeth W. Cooksey             Ted Vannelli

Gail Moore                  Dan Gallagher             Pat Fot                                     Linda Vannelli

Bruce Warnick Ron Casto                    Del Fot                         Fred Dugach

Carol Etzel                   Sue Hamilton               Steve Hamilton                        Bev Sells


The meeting was called to order at 9:30AM by Regional Executive Terry Sells.

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Chuck Stephens.

The officers were introduced as well as the governors and honored guests, Wil and Elizabeth Cooksey.

R.E. Terry Sells advised the first order of business was a motion and vote from the Governors to accept Dan Lyden as EOR Treasurer and Ana Phillips as EOR Secretary.  Roger Flading (proxy for Terry Sells) made a motion to accept and a second was made by Sharon Burk.   The motion passed.

The next order of business was the confirmation of the minutes from the December, 2013 meeting. Terry Sells acknowledged the need for several corrections to the previous minutes.  Peggy Stephens noted the following corrections:  Chuck Stephens was the proxy for Kanawha Valley and Tom Geul was the proxy for Tiretown.  In addition, Tim Obert advised he was at the last meeting but was not on the list of attendees.  No other corrections noted.  Terry Sells requested a motion to accept the minutes with the noted corrections.  Tim Obert made a motion to accept and a second was made by Terry Muich.  The motion passed.

Terry Sells requested the treasurer’s report which was read by EOR Treasurer Dan Lyden. Dan reviewed the income and expenses as of March 01, 2014.  No questions were raised.  Terry requested a motion to accept the minutes.  Jim Drabik made a motion to accept and a second was made by Ron Sommer.  The motion passed.

Peggy Stephens, Regional Membership, provided the membership report.  Peggy advised 2 EOR members have recently passed away.  Peggy summarized East Ohio Region’s membership as of March 01, 2014.  Additionally, NCCC’s membership status was discussed.  Peggy provided handouts outlining the data to all attendees.  Peggy indicated registrations would now be considered late and subject to the late renewal fee.  A “new membership” application has been recently added to the governor’s web site.  Additionally, a new category of membership called “enthusiast member” has been added.  An enthusiast member does not need to own a Corvette, and they can not earn points or vote.  St. Louis has offered to host the NCCC meeting through 2018.  Peggy indicated Legacy insurance cards are no longer good and must be destroyed.  Finally, Peggy reviewed how to set up an e-mail box on the NCCC web site.  Correspondence from NCCC will now be communicated via each club’s mailbox.  There were no questions regarding the membership report.

Chuck Stephens discussed the most recent Regional Competition meeting.  Proposals were not returned in time so the rule book will remain the same this year.  Groups and classes will be the main concentration this year.  Chuck announced an upcoming drag event and driving schools.  Chuck reviewed a standing rule change proposed at the last meeting.  Essentially, each club must pay their sanctioned event fees by the deadline set forth by the RCD.  Failure to meet this requirement will result in the events coming back to the region and distributed to the other clubs in the region.  If none of the clubs are interested, the RCD will put them on.  Chuck advised the sanction fees were already in effect before he was elected to the office of RCD.  A complaint was filed with the VP of Competition by two Governors from the East Ohio Region who felt the Standing Rules change proposed and voted on at the December 07, 2013 meeting was in violation of NCCC Rules.  The complaint was reviewed by the Competition Committee in St. Louis, and was deemed a Regional issue.  The C7 Corvette will be H Class for Concours events.  Chuck discussed the MVP criteria and advised it will be posted on the website.   Ted Vannelli will be hosting an “Introduction to Low Speed Auto Cross” at Lakeland.  This event will benefit anyone interested in learning to autocross.  Chuck discussed national points, and club standings and individual standings.  Alan Moore questioned the change to the standing rule, mentioned earlier in this paragraph.  Alan questioned the rationale for voting on a change to a standing rule during the same meeting the proposal was made.  It was determined the handling of this change was appropriate based on the Regional Bylaws – Article 8- Section 2.   Chuck advised anyone dissatisfied with the Bylaws should draft a proposal for their suggested change.  


A motion was made to eliminate the $2 head tax which is part of the yearly membership dues.  This proposal was discussed and tabled at the last meeting.  Chuck Stephens cited the language in the Bylaws regarding the head tax.  The advantages and disadvantages of the head tax were discussed. Essentially, this money is used to fund activities such as the regional banquet and updates to the timing equipment and trailer.  A motion was made by Rich Brooks to eliminate the Standing Rule that states the $2 head tax be paid along with the NCCC annual dues (FINANCIAL MATTERS Item 1).  Secretary Ana Phillips read the motion that was made to change the Standing Rule regarding the $2 head tax.  Alan Moore interjected that the region make a donation to the National Corvette Museum to assist with the recovery efforts and repairs to the sink hole.  Terry Sells directed the discussion back to the change to the Standing Rule.  A second was made by Mickey Ouellett to vote on the change to the Standing Rule, however, it was determined, based on the Bylaws (Article 5 Section1), that voting would need to take place at the next meeting.  The Governors agreed that they will discuss the proposed change with their respective clubs for input.   A vote to change the standing rule regarding the $2 tax will be done at the May meeting.


The discussion regarding a donation to the National Corvette Museum continued.  It was decided that the EOR could donate $1,000.  Each Governor will take this back to their clubs for discussion and feedback.   Terry Sells advised Ted Vannelli will be the EOR’s representative at the upcoming Corvette bash at the museum.  Terry discussed the NCCC Charity Committee and the raffle for the Corvette. 

Fred Dugach discussed the status of updating the timing equipment.  Approximately $4,000 to $5,000 would be needed to purchase new equipment. 

Terry Sells discussed proposals for changes to the Regional Bylaws.  He advised the Governors to take the proposals back to their clubs for discussion.

Treasurer Dan Lyden made a motion to form a committee that would work on the EOR becoming tax compliant.  It was decided the governors will discuss this at their next club meeting.  Anyone interested can contact Dan Lyden. 

Sharon Burk advised Competition Corvette would like to the host the Regional banquet in 2015.  She is currently looking at the Holiday Inn in Mentor for the location.  All were in favor.

Chuck Stephens introduced new Governor of Kanawha Valley, Kenny Wells.  Kenny introduced guest speaker, Wil Cooksey.  Wil provided an introduction to his presentation for the evening banquet. 

Terry Sells adjourned the meeting at 11:30AM.

This document is a summary of the discussion held at the March meeting.  A recorded copy of the full meeting will be kept on file.


Respectfully Submitted,

Ana Phillips

Secretary – East Ohio Region